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Extra Equipment
and Services

Your alarm can be expanded and personalized to the particular characteristics of each space that is to be protected.

Extra Equipment

Products that add greater security to your
VideoGuard already installed.

Blue Line 24h/day808 200 006

Extra Services

Services that will provide greater convenience and ease
towards the detection of any anomaly in your home.

  • Picket Service

    If your alarm is triggered, our intervention picket goes to your home or business for an outside round, doing a local survey of the occurrence.

    Picket Service Overseas *: + 3€ / month + 5€ / month

    *Up to 5 visits per year.

  • Key Custody Service

    To complement the picket service and if you want a check done within your facilities, we also have the key custody service. By possessing a copy of your keys, our capacity for action and response becomes significantly higher, giving you an additional peace of mind, if you are not near the site.

    Key Custody Service for Inner Verification: + 0,5€ / month

  • User Control of entrances and exits

    This service allows to automatically receive an SMS each time a user has checked in or out of your home. So you can control the schedules of cleaning services, children, employees, etc.

    For each user + 1€ / month

    BY SMS
    For each user: + 3€ / month + 5 €/month

  • Information of Deactivated alarm*

    Forgot to activate your alarm?
    Don’t worry the Command Center notifies you by sending you an SMS or email reminder.

    For the first user during the first year: Free.
    For each additional user: + 1€ / month

    BY SMS
    For the first user during the first year: Free.
    For each additional user: + 3€ / month + 5€ / month

    *Available Soon

*Prices do not include IVA.

Concerns or questions?

See our support area where you can find questions
asked by our clients and answered by the
VideoGuard team.

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